It causes such a thrill in one's (mine?)heart (by heart I actually mean brain) to hear for the first time with words from the person you love the words 'I love you so much'. Even if it happens right when the connection starts to break up and so you aren't certain that is what she said, but it feels like a tender moment so you don't want to say 'wait, what did you just say?' But then she says it some more and it feels thrilling each time.
Then after you (meaning me) hang up you notice you spilled an entire bottle of ink on your bed. On your new sheets, but you don't care, because it is just sheets. Now they have more character. Now they are Rorschach sheets. 'Lay down on this bed and tell me what you see.'


carie said...

They are your "first I love you" sheets. So freakin' romantic, it's like a freakin' movie.

Vincent said...

If you had all the sea for ink
And love was in your head
Your heart would thrill and you would spill
The inkpot on your bed

Marissa N. Paolacci said...

i love hanging out with you at night time

Chris Almond said...

thanks for the poem vincent.

Chris Almond said...

carie. will you make a movie about this? enter it into sundance? my roommate kahea seriously is eating and cooking about 65% of the day.

Chris Almond said...

u r gay.

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