drunk driving.

when i hear statistics about how drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving, the biggest message i come away from that with is that drunk driving is way less dangerous than i ever imagined. i have driven while drowsy countless times. is drunk driving only that dangerous?



i have been very very very lucky this past month. twice i have won a lottery in the uk. it appears the same lottery. i never even entered it once so i feel very blessed to have won it twice.
in addition to this, at least three wealthy people have died in africa without any heirs. somehow i was chosen to accept their inheritances. three different unrelated people!
i have been informed about all of this through email. i guess i have been kind of busy this month and so haven't gotten around to writing any of them back yet, but when i do i will be very rich.


christopher arrests.

Christopher was arrested for making threats to journalist and blogger Ben Smith.

Christopher was arrested for disorderly conduct in a hospital

Christopher was arrested for ‘Breach of the Peace'

Christopher, was arrested for the stabbing of a fellow soldier.

Christopher, was arrested for engaging in sex with a 16-year-old boy.

Christopher was arrested for being dumb enough to get hurt

Christopher was arrested for killing Jerica