Thank you to Adrienne B. for letting me know the name of the Elder I had referred to in the previous entry. Elder Corbridge. I looked him up and confirmed that yes, he is a life long member. I re-listened to the talk and realized he did not say 'insanity', but 'madness'. Those words or synonymous enough it doesn't affect what I wrote. But I think the tone of madness is worse than of insanity. Madness seems like someone who is going to become a killer. Or a scientist.

Re listening to the talk I realized he was more explicit than I had first realized. He repeatedly mentioned that ANY other way, whatever it may be, leads to despair.

Because of how over-the-top and unsettling his talk was I want to write more about it, yet his point was so obviously and unquestionably untrue I don't know what else I could say.
(in writing and speaking I make an effort to avoid extreme language and hyperbole, as I wish to communicate as effectively and sincerely as possible. I questioned myself in using the terms 'obviously' and 'unquestionably', but decided they accurately reflect my feelings and will stay)


Miss Wiemer said...

MADNESS... KILLER... SCIENTIST... MY JOKE!!! give me credit, man!

Chris Almond said...

i will be rolling in my grave before i give you credit for your jokes.

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