I haven't written in here for a while because I have been too busy reading SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS!!!!!

This is kind of true. I am reading a Science Fiction book right now. And I haven't written in my blog for a while. Are the two related? I dunno. (I do know. They are not related).


I've been sick for the past few days, but now I am doing mostly better. I haven't even checked my email for several days. Welcome back C. Allman.



Since my last post the sky entirely cleared up, and is now entirely cloudy and rainy again.
chrisalmond.blotspot.com: the world's best resource for olympia weather information.


Every state I have been in I have heard people say, in speaking of the weather: 'You know what they say about_____(name of state), if you don't like weather, just wait 5 minutes.'
Marissa confirmed this is also true in Arizona.
The only state I have lived in where I haven't heard this is also the only state where it has been true, which is olympia. Since 11:30 Am it has gone from raining, to clear skies, to raining, to sunny clear skies, to now 1:55 pm, it is snowing.
Dave Bottom, I trust you have found this post to be funny and enlightening.



The internet at my house has been down for a few days. And may be down for a few more days. I'm in a computer lab now but only have 3 more minutes on this computer. On sunday Marissa's mom is coming. I go through moments of intense dread to moments of feeling unconcerned. It isn't as if I have anything to hide or am ashamed of anything. It is just uncomfortable having someone over to your has that has only criticized you. And the criticisms are frequent. It is strange to be so frequently put down. 56 seconds left. Got to go! marissa and I made a pizza yesterday and it was delicious!