Existence of God.

While sitting in 'da couch, listening to the blaze i was thinking:
We don't need to prove that God exists, just that such a being COULD exist, as in the laws of physics allow that the traits we think of as God are possible. That a being or more likely beings could have developed the knowledge to resurrect every living being, either physically or virtually, keep us alive forever, manipulate time and space in meaningful ways etc.

Because if such a thing is possible, odds are good that in the billions of years the Universe has existed, on one of the trillions and trillions of planets (that probably exist) such a thing has come to exist. And if it hasn't, well, our Universe is relatively young. It has many more billions of years ahead of it than behind it, probably enough time that if it is possible, it will come into existence one day, perhaps even on our planet in the form of our descendants.

Hopefully whatever sort of species could achieve that level of power would have an expansive enough sphere of compassion that they would use their abilities for the benefit of every living thing in known existence.
Of course, they may have no reason to see value in bringing all past life forms back into existence, but who knows?


Cats and Dogs

I bet that it is no coincidence that the two main animals we have developed as companions, cats and dogs, have unusually easy to read signals of happiness. The dog with tail wagging and the cat with purring. Interacting with another species is more rewarding when you receive some type of positive feedback.