Christians and the redistribution of wealth.

While doing the dishes I was listening to Npr and heard an excerpt from a talk by John Mcain. He was criticizing Barack Obama by speaking of his desire to redistribute the wealth. He did not elaborate on why this is a bad thing, but spoke of it as one might today speak of slavery. As if the evil so obvious one need not say anything further.

Of course, since he was speaking at a rally of fellow Republicans, that is how the issue is seen. Which I see as very ironic since so many of those Republicans are Christians. Have these people forgotten about one of Jesus' most fundamental teachings, about loving their neighbors in the same way they love themselves?
It reminded me of a quote in the book I am reading by one of my favorite religious scholars, Bart Ehrman: Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium

"What person with wealth has really, actually, loved others as himself or herself?"


Vincent said...

Indeed. And President Bush as reported today kept going on about the Free Market as if it is some divine principle. They take refuge in capitalist economics as a way to turn backs on the poor.

Can you answer me this please, Chris? In America, is "socialism" a dirty word?

carie said...

I think I heard this same thing on NPR. It really made me feel sad to hear how the Republicans think Barak Obama is just wanting to take their money away (from the rich white people) and give them to the poor blacks. They don't want the black people to get their money. How racist can they be?

Chris Almond said...

oh yes, very much so. republicans throw the term 'socialist' around these days in the same way right wingers through the term 'communist' around during the cold war.

Chris Almond said...

by that i mean they use it as an insult.

isaac isak icekick said...

A sentiment that I hear coming from the Right is that government should not be the impetus behind charity. This is also the underlining principle that creates disdain for socialism. Charity should be done out of the kindness of ones heart, one should not be forced into being charitable. Unfortunately this authentic charity doesn't happen on a scale that really does much here in the US.

Vincent said...

I suppose then that the "freedom not to be kind" is one of the freedoms most precious to the Right?

Version #2 said...

Chris, I was talking to my sister about this very thing today, now you're blog is reading my mind.

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