will someone buy me this sweatshirt?

i really like it!

you can buy it here.

Have it mailed to:
Christopher Allman
2501 sevedge ct ne
olympia wa

not really related, but here is a picture of my face morphed with Marissa's face. I was surprised by the results. it looks kind of weird.. one thing that surprised me to realize while making the morph is that marissa's jaw is more square than mine. I feel like a square jaw typically creates masculine facial features, but I feel her face is very feminine, and mine fairly masculine. go figure. Also, the picture of here I used of here wasn't great for morphing. Looking through the photos i have of here, i realized I didn't have any great morphing photos. What I chose was the only one that would work. Her eyes are closed, and her head was tilted. It was tilted much further, So i tilted it a bit to the other side. Which created a bit of an unnatural appearance. But it gets the job done enough:

here is a picture of Marissa and I video skyping:

The final issue I would like to address is Lily Cole. I am not quite sure who she is. A fashion model I think. I came across this photo of her while doing a Google image search for something else. I think she looks very weird. An upside down egg, with eyes very far apart. Normally these are features I find attractive, but in this instance they have been taken too far and cause her to look like a space alien:


Fish Nat!on said...

i hate alien girl features.

sweetheart bitterheart said...

marissa cannot hold her head up straight. it must be heavy. ps- tell marissa i said hi, because i don't talk to her much anymore. no one does, besides you, because you have stolen her soul. officially.

Simone Maynard said...

hey chris. yes, i remember you. hope you are well. this girl looks like a mark ryden painting. nice to hear from you. :)

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