one trouble with having a mom with an already bad memory that is also made worse by pain medication is that if you owe her money, she keeps forgetting the conversations you have about it. about once a week i get, and reply to, an email from her saying, 'hey, i have just been going through my finances and realize you owe me ____$. I haven't heard anything from you about this, when do you think you can pay me?'
I got one again today.


meg said...

just an fye, you still owe my mom forty bucks.

meg said...

for your entertainment, you still owe moms across the country cold hard ca$h.

Chris Almond said...

ah come on man! you have 5000$. i have negative 1650$ ! that 40$ was to pay for you to go to the zoo! do me a solid here man! do me some solids please man!

Vincent said...

What's interesting about this is that your mom's memory is so selective. Whatever else she forgets, your owing money is indelible.

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