Wombat combo.

Early this morning, while going in and out of sleep, wanting to be entirely in sleep, but continually be roused from it by Glen Close, the kitten Marissa and I acquired a few weeks ago, I thought this: If you combine a Wombat and a man you have a Woman. (or a batman)



There is a particular phenomenon I would like to reference. I'm sure most people are aware of it, but I am not sure if I have ever heard it mentioned.

It happens when someone, often a comedian but it could be anyone and may even be a character in a movie or tv show, makes a reference to something obscure. The reference might be mildly amusing, but not enough to elicit laughter, however, a portion of the audience will laugh in a way that feels unnatural and seems to say 'I know what s/he is talking about! I get the reference! I am laughing to let those around me who understand the reference know that I also understand it.'

Another related phenomenon happens when the above mentioned entertainer who may likely be a comedian makes a criticism that is often political in nature. The criticism may be mildly funny, but again, not funny enough to elicit laughter in and of it self, yet people will still laugh as if to say, 'I agree with the criticism you are making. While it is not funny enough for me to laugh, I am laughing anyway to let those around me know that I agree with this criticism.'

I wish I could reference this phenomenon in an offhand way while talking about something else, but I couldn't think of a context that I could comfortably slip it into. Also, I am not a succinct enough writer to be able to causally mention it without having to give a long explanation as I have just done.

One more thing: It would be neat if this phenomenon had a name. A word by which it was referred to. If the word was 'bork', for example, people could say, 'That is the sort of guy who always borks loudest when we go to comedy clubs, I don't like him.' If this occurrence were labeled it might cause people to think about it more and hopefully decrease its occurrence. Bork isn't a great word, if anyone has any suggestions of a word which could be used please let me know. Perhaps together we can introduce it into the American lexicon.


Whenever I am using a product and notice it has one of those labels which read

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

there is some part of me which feels that since I am not currently in California while using the product the cancer risk doesn't apply to me, but that if I were in California it would be in my best interest to avoid the product.



Marissa and I have this Hat. I guess it would be considered a winter hat or a beanie. Marissa bought it from a thrift store a few months ago. The colors and pattern is fairly unique and appealing. While wearing it I have received several compliments(about my strong calves.) Judging from the construction and style I guess it to be home made.

Yesterday on campus while taking a lunch break, I saw a person wearing what seemed to be an identical cap. I was a little ways behind her and from my perspective she appeared to be an older woman. Perhaps 70 or 80.

I caught up to her because I wanted to ask her about the hat. I thought maybe she was the one who had made both hats and that she would find it interesting to know I was the owner of one.

When I caught up to her I realized it was actually a twenty something Evergreen Student. I asked her where she got her hat and she said she found it and asked if it was mine. I told her 'I don't think so. When did you find it?'. She told me she had found the hat yesterday which caused me to realize it was my hat and that I had lost it without even knowing.

She returned my hat and said she had hoped that if she wore it around, whoever owned it would recognize it and ask for it back. That may or may not have been true, but it worked out well anyway.
Even though I hadn't known the hat was lost, I was very excited to have it returned. This incident caused an increase in the value I perceive the the winter's hat to have.