vp debate.

I hope I never have to hear Sarah Pallin say the word 'maverick' again. It seems that her fall back for not knowing how to answer a question is to speak about John Mccain having this title.
I thought it was pretty funny when she said she wasn't going to answer questions the way Biden or the moderator wanted. Then why even bother showing up for the debate? The way she phrased it seemed to imply there is something wrong with Biden and the moderator's desire for her to answer questions directly. As if giving direct, honest answers that don't refer to her or Mccain being a maverick is just something liberal elitists do, but regular folk like her prefer answers that don't address the question or say anything at all.
When I imagine Sarah Pallin (or Mccain)being in leadership of this country it honestly brings a tear(of sadness) to my eye. That about half of the country thinks these people should run our country is almost incomprehensible to me. I wonder if the issues of abortion and homosexuality were not such a hot issue, obscuring people's judgment about what is important in a leader, how much support these two people would have.
If we are able to pull out of this financial crisis, yet it shows to the American people how deeply destructive republicans can be when allowed to deregulate as they wish, then perhaps these financial difficulties will ultimately be to our benefit.


carie said...

Say it aint so joe (six pack). I am a Maverick too. Look at all my Mavericky maverick stuff that I do. Sometimes I even get my orange Maverick mug filled up with Diet Coke from Maverick.

If McCain/Palin win they will enforce the draft again because they will send troops to every country,
and then McCain will die because he is just too old and Palin will be our great heroic leader. Oh gosh darn it Joe!

Chris Almond said...

are you leaving blog comments while drunk?

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