Really scary night

Late last night I knew some friends might be stopping by and I heard what sounded like a car driving down the long gravel road/driveway our house sits at the end of. I went outside to check because I know that even if someone is able to find the long, gravel drive, it is still difficult to find the house itself.

When I looked outside, I saw that a car had come down our gravelly drive but was now exiting it. The car apparently saw me and turned back around. Once their headlights were pointed my way, I waved my hands to let them know it was indeed me.

As the car got closer, I noticed it wasn't my friend's car. It was an old beat up sports car from the seventies I didn't recognize. The sort of car that has always been kind of scary to me. If I had to guess why, I would guess that it's because this was the sort of car that poor people drove when I was a kid. And I guess poor people were scared me as a child.

I tried to see who was inside the car in case it was someone I knew, and felt a little startled seeing the car's occupants. You know how sometimes you see a car full of people and from their wild energy they seem up to no good? People filled with wacky energy and wanting to do something wacky? This is how the occupants of the car appeared. But it struck me as being more than just wacky energy. Maybe wacky energy with a malicious or crazed intent as well.

Feeling kind of spooked, I closed my screen door and stepped inside. As I turned around I noticed the people in the car were getting out and coming quickly towards my front door. I started to close the actual door(as opposed to the screen door which I had already closed), when a woman who was at the head of the group of people heading towards my door, stuck her hand, through the already broken screen and prevented me from closing the door.

Needless to say, I was very scared! I knew Marissa was asleep in the back room and started to get worried about her safety, so I ran to the back of the house where she was sleeping.

When I got into our room I was shouting for her to call 911. I got into the bed with her, so as to try and protect her or something and noticed the same woman coming into our bedroom. I couldn't tell if her pack was following behind her or not.

At this point Marissa was waking up and getting some sense of what was going on. I kept shouting for her to call 911. As unwise as it may have been, I said something at this point about how I thought we were going to die and that she meant a lot to me or something along those lines.

This crazed woman kept moving towards us and our bed. She wasn't saying anything and I had no idea what her intentions might be, but they didn't seem good. I honestly believed this was the end of my life. I couldn't tell if she was actually moving slowly or if in my heightened state things just felt slow.

I could hear Marissa was on the phone with 911, but having been in the initial phases of sleeping pill induced sleep, she wasn't making much sense which made me all the more scared and helpless feeling.

The woman actually began crawling towards us on our bed. At this point I noticed her cronies were coming in behind her.

I didn't really have any idea what to do. She wasn't saying anything and wasn't making any violent gestures, just slowly making her way towards us. By instinct I pushed her face with my hand. Again, I wasn't sure if in my frightened state I had super strength or if these people in what appeared to be a zombie like, drug induced state, were unable to resist the force of my hand. Being able to stop them felt like such an enormous relief. I went from feeling like I was about to die, to just feeling that something really weird was going on. Four more people followed after that woman and I easily pushed them away as well.

For those who are familiar with my house, you may be wondering why my description of it seems different than what you know my house to be. You might be thinking: 'you don't live down a gravel road and your bedroom is upstairs, not in the back.'

Well, you know how sometimes in a movie or television show a really dramatic scene will turn out to have just been a dream? And it leaves you feeling kind of disappointed and cheated? Well, I thought doing that same thing in a blog would be interesting.
All of this really did happen last night, but no one experienced it but myself. It really was terrifying for me. I can remember it almost as vividly as a waking experience.


david. said...

i was so scared reading this!
especially when the lady crawled in to your bed.

libby said...

Oh man I was so scared reading this too. I once had a dream I walked into a pitch black alley and a bunch of people surrounded and smothered me with their bodies. I woke up just as I felt a hand around my neck, it was frightening and the feeling stayed as if it had really happened.

Marissa N. Paolacci said...

the thing is, if this really happened to us, the part about me not making any sense on the phone would most likely remain the same.

ricky said...

oh man! you had me going until you pushed her face with your hand, that is when I started getting suspicious. I had suspicions when she put her hand through the screen but I was still with you.

Chris Almond said...

I'm really stoked this worked! I wasn't sure if it would fool people, but hoped it would. I thought that since you come to a blog assuming what you read is true, even a far fetched story could work and I'm really happy it did. I don't think I could pull this prank again though.

Chris Almond said...

@ricky, I edited the screen door part to make it not only more believable, but more in-line with how the situation actually went. In my mind.

Heather said...

Totally worked, man. I seriously had goosebumps!

Jennifer said...

I was going for it until she crawled on your bed in a zombie state.
Btw, were you just scared all the time as a kid since we were poor?