Pumping Iron

To all my vegetarian friends.

You might want to consider taking Iron supplements.

Recently, I developed this intense soreness in my tongue. I had never before experienced something similar. You know when your muscles are sore the day after strenuous exercise? It was like that, but in the back of my tongue. It got to the point where it was painful to swallow. I had been somewhat congested during this time, so I thought it was related to that, but eventually the congestion went away but the tongue pain remained. I looked online, and tried to filter through the 108 (108!!!) diseases which cause sore tongue. Aids? Didn't seem likely. Mouth cancer? At this age? To my precious mouth? Median rhomboid glossitis? Geographical tongue? (isn't that a funny disease name?) I was surprised and overwhelmed by how many things can cause a sore tongue. I was even a little scared at how many of them were serious diseases.(brain and heart disorders).

Eventually I came upon something that seemed like it might apply to me and one I could easily remedy. Anemia. Lack of Iron. Common problem for vegetarians. Luckily, we had some iron supplements on hand, because earlier we had thought Marissa may be anemic, and my tongue started feeling better within 30 minutes of taking the iron. After about 3 days the pain was all the way gone. Once the pain was gone I stopped taking the supplement, and yesterday the tongue pain returned. So I think I will probably have to take iron for a while.

Now I realize probably none of you have a sore tongue, so you may be thinking, "Why me? Oh dear god why me? Why do should I take iron? Can't you make someone else? Anyone else? Oh dear God please help me! " This is what you are thinking right? Well, get this! Not only did my tongue stop hurting, but I feel more energy and more focus mentally. Good things that many people I know could use.

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