Burning bosom

Sometimes I will be laying in bed, surfing the internet and I will begin to feel an almost overwhelming burning in my bosom. It will make me think, 'am I having a deeply spiritual experience? If I were having a deeply spiritual experience, shouldn't I feel more certain about it? Besides, why would this happen while surfing the internet? Is there something deeply spiritual about "Google Fast Flip" that is causing this overwhelming sensation? Will the information that "Former NSA Official Leaked Secrets Via Hushmail" somehow end up having a big impact on my life, so God is trying to focus my attention on this article?
Have my doubts about spirituality been wrong all along and I am being overwhelmed with a burning bosom just to show me how wrong I was?"
After a while the my burning bosom will get stronger and stronger, to the point where it becomes uncomfortable. At this point it will occur to me that I have been resting my laptop on my chest, causing it to feel 'on fire'.


Heather said...

One time I was driving and was a hit by an instant need to pee. The second before, I hadn't needed to, then I felt I had to go immediately. The sensation only lasted a second or two, and then went away. Then came back!

Turns out, I had my phone in between my thighs, and it was on vibrate. For some reason the sensation was similar to the need to go to the bathroom.

This is something I have always wanted to share with you.

Chris Almond said...

This is a really good story! Honest to god!

Fish Nat!on said...

I always experience a burning in my loins, when it comes to me and my computer. Not due to pornography viewing, but because my hot laptop melts my crotch.