Last night

Last night as I was falling asleep, exhausted after a busy birthday day, I had an idea for something I wanted to write in here. It felt so brilliant and edgy it made me excited. I remember feeling it was unlike anything I had ever done before and would cause a lot of controversy.

Now I can't remember what it was.

I have a feeling that even if I remember, it won't live up to my remembered hype.


Vincent said...

Oh I know those things! Once I had the experience of jotting down such an idea (or inspiration) as it happened. This was possible because I wasn't falling asleep, but taking my first acid trip (this was in 1971). As the drug hit my veins, I wanted to record the wondrousness of it all, grabbed a slip of paper and a pen.

Many weeks later, I found a slip of paper in a back pocket, with some puzzling words scrawled thereon: "God's beard has many colours."

Chris Almond said...

Vincent! That is such a funny thing!
I didn't know you did lsd! I'm not totally surprised but I guess I hadn't expected it.

I had a similar experience as that recently. Marissa gave me some 'shrooms' as a graduation present and I wrote on a slip of paper, what i believed to be the most profound thought ever, which turned out to be, "bernie madoff"

Also, after the trip, I found I had typed this on my computer,
"to begin with .how you, britilsh, fucking brits, if the 'are you having laughers' only knewwww how deeply Are you havling alaugh!!! I will give you this THIs of all things, you are good at british accents. that is the ultimate irony isn't it? theULTIMATE IRONY!!!!"

I don't know where this anti-British sentiment came from, I can assure you I don't normally have it.
Also, I later found on my phone that I had sent a text message to cnn that said:
"are you, cnn, part of a world wide conspiracy to HAVE A LAUGH"

which, at the time of writing it, I totally believed was true.
anyway, that finding a slip in your back pocket story is golden!

Vincent said...

Well, I haven't touched any drug since that year 1971, not even ganja.

Your remarks about British "havingalaughery" are cogent.

The nicest thing I can say about Britain is that it's my home. The English are noted for not having a thing about being patriotic.

But now I am an exile, unable to return to my own land, through that astonishing Act of God. Maybe one day soon ...?

Vincent (in Kingston, Jamaica)