Last night while playing with Glen Close, I began playing this particular game with him that almost always evokes his purrs. From the instant he realizes I'm starting to play it, he begins purring. The game is one you might be familiar with, is called Settlers of Catan . (in reality it is just me touching his chest, then bringing my hand in the air, then touching his chest, all while he tries to catch my hand. Not quite as fun as Settlers)

As I began playing the game, and his purrs automatically began, I wondered for a moment if it ever embarrassed him that he couldn't hide his excitement from me. Then I reminded myself I was ascribing to Glen emotions that were too human. Then I imagined if Glen was as intelligent as a human, or if human's could purr, how it might be kind of embarrassing. Almost like getting a boner.

Imagine someone you think is really cool comes and talks to you. Someone a few years older than yourself who you don't know very well, yet you have seen them around and for some reason you really want their approval (you know those sort of people?). Around this person you want to play it cool, and not seem overly eager. But when they begin talking to you, suddenly you start purring like crazy! How embarrassing! Or imagine you have been super busy studying all day for several days and you haven't seen a single person. Eventually you leave the house to get some food, and the next person you see, probably the person helping you as a cashier, causes you to start purring like crazy, just out of happiness to be interacting with another person again. This old lady might think you are a pervert or something. Also a potentially embarrassing situation!

I think it might be good overall though. It would keep us more sincere with each other.
Imagine situations like: "Are you having a good time dear?" "yes" "Then why aren't you purring?" "You are right... I've been stewing all day about how mad I am about...."
Or the above situation about playing it cool. If we purred, there would basically be no more playing it cool! Because how cool could a person come across if they were announcing to the world how happy and excited they were through their purrs? By definition, that would be 'uncool'.
However, I think this would be a good thing to lose our ability to be 'cool', as I prefer the 'warm and friendly' way of being over the 'cool and confident'


saint-erin said...

The first part of this post made me laugh really hard. It almost sounded like i was purring!

Whittron said...

mr almond, I marked your b-day!! and maybe on the 16th I will take a picture of the April picture and post it, just for you. It is probably not as weird as you are thinking. It's just strange and not fun to look at.

Also, my google ad has been activated since august or september... and I only have 18 bucks on the account. It's not much, but one day it will hit 100 and google will send me a check. I know Laura has hit 100$ before, she has a ton more readers than me, though.

I have thought this same thing about cats and their purring, and have been grateful that I don't purr out loud. I sometimes purr, just in my mind, and then can't believe how nerdy it is that I have that reflex.

Chris Almond said...

Hi erin. Glad it made you laugh so much! Good to hear from you. I didn't even know you read my blog.
Hi whit, thanks for marking my b-day!
I had no idea laura was such a popular blogger.
Do you honestly purr in your mind or was that just a joke or metaphor?