You know the phrase, 'Like the blind leading the blind'?
I have now seen this literally happening twice.
Once was a couple years ago when I lived in Salt Lake.
The other was yesterday.

While walking to buy some "Alaskan Bear Treats"(fish oil to put in my cat's food. Makes him healthier, smarter, and really really shiny) I passed by an elderly couple, who seemed like they may be married.

Both were clearly blind. (or at least have serious problems with squinting while not looking at where they are going).
The woman had a walking stick, while the man held onto her shoulder.

Watching them for a while (and not having to feel self-conscious that they were noticing me stare at them), I realized that it seemed to work very well.
In fact, it seemed to make more sense than the alternative. If they both had walking sticks it would not only be redundant but they would likely get in each other's way.

I should say that I am not trying to make a criticism of the phrase itself. I don't think the phrase 'like the blind leading the blind' should be stricken from our vocabulary, because even though in reality it is actually a good, practical thing, conceptually the phrase works to describe what it is trying to describe.

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david. said...

i laughed while reading this but i don't think i was supposed to.