I realize that probably none of us are in need of another type of website to occupy our time, but I recently became of a website I think is really cool.

Basically, the site allows you to ask me questions. Or, if you make an account, for me to ask you questions.

For some reason the site has the non-descriptive name, Formspring.me

Here is my page. www.Formspring.me/chrisalmond

Give it a try! Ask me any question. You can do it anonymously. You don't even have to make an account. But if you do make an account, and I think you should, let me know and I will ask you some questions. Hopefully, one day, many of my friends will have formspring.me accounts. It will be sort of like when we all had diaryland accounts.

And to my Anonymous Mormon Commenter (AMC), what is up buddy? Did you read my post directed to you? If so, what did you think of it? Did you think I made any valid points? Was I able to change your mind at all? What do you think of my writing style? Do you ever think I am funny or do you have a different sort of humor? Feel free to leave me another anonymous comment! Will you ask me some questions on formspring.me?

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mrs. everything said...

I hope you will answer my questions. Also ask me some (Bettyetc)