Late night.

It is 2:33 at night. Since I normally go to bed at 9 or 10, I have that strange feeling I used to get when I would stay up until 4 or 5 am, which I wrote about here. .
I wonder which chemicals are being released in my brain which cause this feeling. I wish there were a drug to simulate it. I am sure that, in theory, there is. And that very likely, some plant somewhere, perhaps undiscovered or at least untasted by humans, contains the chemicals which can either mimic or this feeling.
Or perhaps some chemist somewhere has discovered it. Did you know there are chemists who invent all sorts of psychotropic drugs? One guy in California has invented over 300, almost all of which are legal, since they are too unknown to have been brought to the attention of law makers.

Did you know that every drug which people abuse is naturally made by the body? Think about it. If the body did not already make it, or something very similar to it, then the body would not have receptors for it and the drug would have no effect on humans. Think of heroin (or morphine or Percocet or Tylenol with Codeine), these are opiates. It activates the body's opiate receptors. Why do we have opiate receptors? Not for opium. For endorphins. Opiates are similar enough to endorphins that they hook up to the receptors in our brains which are meant for them. The same principal applies to all other psychotropic drugs.

I remember reading an article about Muslims in Europe who were upset with some food company that included trace amounts of alcohol in their products as a preservative. They were upset because as Muslims they are forbidden from any alcohol. However, their own bodies produce more alcohol than that which was in those food products as preservatives. In fact, some people's bodies produce naturally so much alcohol that if they were to be given a breathalizer test by a cop they would register as being legally intoxicated.

This late night feeling is so interesting. I never feel it otherwise. Except maybe when I was manic I felt something similar. The feeling of being connected to everything. This is much more calm though than when I was manic. It is wonderful. But I feel very sleepy. zzzzzzzz. goodnight. zzzzzzzzz (those zzz's are not really my snores. It's just ol' me. Wide awake typing the letter "z" over and over. But I really am super tired. And an about to go to bed.

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