It is interesting hearing even John Mccain acknowledge that our current financial crisis is largely a product of deregulation (some of which he was directly responsible for) and that our way out is through re-regulating what has been being gradually turned over to the free markets to regulate for themselves.

Deregulation is at the heart of Republican philosophy. For a republican to acknowledge that one of the most fundamental principals of their party has caused a genuine disaster, one would think should cause people to question the viability of Republican ideals.

But I haven't heard anything like that. I guess I am not surprised. Republican politicians have come to cloak themselves as being primiarily about perceived Christian values so thoroughly that even when their presidential nominee acknowledges one of their most core principals is ruining our economy, party members don't even seem question if their political loyalties have been misguided, because they seem to focus so fully on the two issues of homosexuality and abortion that even if what is at the heart of party is literally destroying our economy, it goes unnoticed.
We are being financially devestated? Well, at least gays can't get married in most places, so we must be doing okay.


jendar said...

i hate politics.

p.s. i am glad to know you have a blog.

isaac isak icekick said...

Chris,you have got it. Like if anything this financial situation is proof that the idea of a free market is too risky. It might be a good thing, because if this doesn't teach us that the invisible hand isn't flipping us off then i don't know what will. but what are we going to call this depression? The Great Depression has already been taken. so it's hard to trump that.

Chris Almond said...

the invisible hand is flipping us off, so funny. hm, new name for the depression. the great malaise. the great national clinical depression. the great unhappiness. the great despondency. the great fuck you. the great I AM.

mrs. everything said...