a few moments ago at the gas station.

Gas station clerk: How are you today?

Me: Doing well.

Gsc: HA! HA! Ha!

If this had been a comic strip or a graphic novel, I would then be shown with a question mark over my head.

I pay for my green tea and guava juice.
Gas Station clerk:'have a nice day' in a winking sort of way as if referring to my previous 'joke'.

Question mark returns above my head.


Marissa N. Paolacci said...

best reaction ever!
see you in turkey!

Fish Nat!on said...

i found her blog and liked it. i am also friends with one of her former roommates alison, whom you seem to know as well.
have you moved back yet? sad day, if so. probably so. so probably sad day.

mrs. everything said...

you should draw this comic strip.