i just got finished being arrested. sort of. it lasted about ten minutes. I was pulled over because the cop said he couldn't see my license plate. i was put in cuffs, my car was searched and i was given a breathalyzer. I had to take it three times cause I apparently wasn't breathing hard enough. The cop seemed suspicious about the spoons in my backpack. I didn't really know what to say about why they were there. Sometimes you have several spoons in your backpack. All of this took place about a block from my house. When I got home the cop knocked on the door cause he had forgotten to give me my license back.

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Vincent said...

ah, what a coincidence. A similar thing happened to me saturday night. We had just been to a big party, celebrating my sister's 60th birthday party. She had hired a hall in a town unfamiliar to me. Drove through road works, followed diversion sign. Hooting from behind, blue lights of police car. Stopped, politely waited for policeman who had some objection to way I was driving. A lot of questions. No handcuffs - this is england. Had to do breathalyser test. It said zero alcohol. the party was a bit short on free glasses of wine & I had not bought any at the bar. Phew! The cops had been waiting to catch revellers. I had to sign a paper. Essentially they had checked database, found nothing wrong, no reason to bust me. Reason for stopping me: "Manner of driving." (i.e. could not find any offence to book me with.) I think they had to give out these null tickets merely to justify their existence.

But just before the breathalyser test he mumbled something: "I must warn you that mumble mumble mumble." I asked him to repeat it slowly. "If you refuse the test you will be arrested."

I would not be so foolish. In the old days they would have apologized for wasting our time. These days I found myself thanking them for letting us go.