Being in Olympia feels like nothing. By that I mean, I don't feel any different being here than I felt the other day when I was in Provo.
There is no one in Provo I would see every day or even every other day, and since school hasn't started yet I have been doing what I would otherwise be doing were I in Utah, is reading books, or talking to Marissa in Ukraine on the Skype phone. The main difference is the view out my window, and that I don't have sheets on my bed. I forgot my sheets!
But the view out my window is pretty. I live on the second floor of a nice house with some really nice people. Oh, and Kahea also lives upstairs. There is a bathroom between our rooms. I can here every sound of him defecating. I have started leaving a fan on all the time to drown out the bathroom sound.
Back to the view out my window: On the satellite map there is supposed to be a lake across the street, but i can't see it. Also, everywhere in Olympia is dense with trees unless they have been purposefully removed, except right around my house, for maybe a couple square miles. I am curious why. Some glitch in the soil. But it is pretty. Different colored grasses and shrubs which as I look right now are blowing back and forth. Growing up in the desert I am used to people able to see for miles around me, and while I love the trees in the Northwest I occasionally feel a slight sense of claustrophobia not being able to see more than a few hundred yards. So I find this island of grassland prairie I live in comforting.
Yesterday I bought some groceries and got lost on my return. I was happy to discover a Buddhist temple close to my house. It is a funny building. Imagine if Ivory Homes built a Buddhist temple. Pagoda like terraces constructed with modern western building materials, a stucco facade. I will post a picture when I remember.
We have a greenhouse in the back yard, and washer and dryer in the basement.
One of my roommates is on probation.
I am still having trouble seeing anything as more than a pile of atoms.


mrs. everything said...

I would like to visit you in Olympia someday. Does Kahea grunt when he moves his bowels?

Marissa N. Paolacci said...

patrol officer
martha stewart house arrest

morganne blair witchfield said...

fidel castro! holy hell!
yes i rememb you. its ok. we will become friends again next time i come up to oregon. should be soon. have you started school yet?