Rats off to ya!

I have started watching this video every night before I go to bed. It is so funny! It is from a tv show called 'Tom Goes to the Mayor'.
Every episode has the premise that local Citizen Tom Peters who is full of ideas goes to the town mayor with one of them. Often the mayor loves the idea but wants to change it slightly, and his slight change causes mayhem. This episode is about going to the mayor, but the mayor doesn't tweak the idea and cause mayhem.
I only heard of this show earlier this year and kind of stumbled across it accidentally. Reading about it online I learned that when the show was on air it was pretty controversial. Not because of any issues or ideas but just because some people disliked it so much. I think it is SO funny! Here is rats off to ya(also, did you know google now lets you add these unpleasant borders to youtube videos when you imbed them? check it out!):


bex said...

i have watched this episode on christmas eve with my siblings for the last 3 years running. it is the best family tradition ever. sometimes i feel like maybe we should be reading the christmas story together instead, but this just really captures the spirit of things so much better.

Chris Almond said...

it is funny you say that because just recently read the first presidency is considering having the christmas story in the bible changed to the point where it is identical to rats off to 'ya. I was surprised to get a comment from you. Didn't know you knew of my blog. I mean, it is cool and pleasant. good to hear from you.

max said...

I used to watch this show too! And I recently met Bex over the summer!