Since modern Christianity has such a strange arbitrariness built into it, that only those who have heard of and then accepted Christ won't have to suffer for an eternity, it makes one wonder about the individuals who are modern Christians.
Wonder how they can feel comfortable accepting such a strange god with such an unjust plan. I imagine many just don't think about it, because to give it much thought and yet still believe seems like it must require certain amount denial or compartmentalizing. Put 'God is all powerful and loves everyone' in one compartment, then put 'his Plan of Salvation' in another, separate compartment. At least that is what I imagine, because I imagine myself in that situation and imagine how I would be able to deal with the seeming contradiction.

But then I read quotes like this from Anne Coulter which make me think otherwise:

'I defy any of my co-religionists to tell me they do not laugh at the idea of (Richard) Dawkins burning in hell.' (Coulter 2006:268)

Which makes me realize, maybe some of these people don't need to compartmentalize. Maybe they have some part in them that enjoys the thought of people who are otherwise moral, yet disagree with them on deep and complicated issues, to suffer FOREVER!. And that these people would refer to themselves as the MORAL majority.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that in the end, far right religion requires more of a psychological than a religious explanation.

Vincent said...

Ha, why draw the line to separate "far right" from the rest?

Vincent said...

Chris, why do you respond to my comment on my blog and not here?

The comments on my blog are meant to be of interest to all readers of the post to which they relate. Readers coming across your comments won't know what you are talking about.