Hurray! I just passed all the tests required to become a ChaCha guide! Supplementary income HELLO!!!!!!!!!

The tests were very easy. I am sure any college student/grad/dropout could pass them without any problem.

If you are not familiar with ChaCha, you can text any question to 242242(chacha) and you will receive a single text reply answered by a real person. So, your answers a likely to be far more relevant than what you may receive from Google or a similar automated text answering service.

Guides are paid per question answered. I think....20 cents per question? I learned about this job from karl. He said he averages about 6$/ hr. Not much. But I really need extra cash. Seriously, gas prices are killing me. I want to buy a motorcycle but was rejected for a loan for insufficient income. Hopefully my chacha $ will help me out.

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