I tend to only get a crush on a girl that lasts longer than talking to her once about every 1.5 years.
And it has happened again! 
The timing of this crush could be seen as very unfortunate. Though in one sense  fortunate.

I met her briefly. Just enough time to ask her name and tell her mine.

I found her attractive and interesting seeming so I asked around about her and  learned she was leaving in two weeks for 4 months to be in kiev. I thought if I were to make any effort I should do it fast.

I found her on facebook that night and said something about us becoming friends.

I learned that while it was true she was leaving for kiev in two weeks it was also true she was leaving for Arizona, her hometown, the next day!
Even though she was leaving that day and still had to pack, she agreed to hang out with me.  It was enjoyable.
When she gets back I will be in Washington.
It is easy to see how this timing could be thought of as unfortunate, wut why I say that in  one sense the timing is fortunate, is she had recently been in Washington for the summer working a job. The window of time where she was again in Provo, but not yet in Arizona or Kiev was not large. It would have been very easy to not meet her at all. We have been communicating since and I still find her interesting and am learning things we have in common. But I am not getting my hopes up. Because I tend to be fickle in terms of girls. Hopefully this will be an exception. I feel like the sentences used in this entry were shorter than normal for me. Go figure. Go to hell. I joke, go to wherever is comfortable and take a nap.