Really great thing.

There is this medication which I have taken for a couple years now which doesn't really have an equivalent and has no generic form that for some reason my insurance did not cover. It cost me nearly 200$/month.
This is quite a bit of money for a person like me(poor), but I didn't really have any alternatives. If I could not take this medicine I gladly would.

Because it was so expensive, I would buy only a few pills at a time. As a consequence of this, I had to go into my local Rite Aid at least once or twice a week, making me a 'regular'. Everyone knows knows my name and even recognizes my voice on the phone.
One lady in particular is working almost every time I go in. She is what you probably imagine if you imagined a sweet, kindhearted old lady and I refer to her as 'Grandma'(not to her face). When I go in, she seems genuinely happy to see me as I am to see her.
One day, as I was getting my usual 4 pills, a miracle occurred: there was no charge! It was covered by my insurance!
This was about one week after Obama's health care bill had passed. I have no idea if it was related or not. Perhaps it was connected to one of the changes which took effect immediately, perhaps not, but I like to imagine it is.
Either way, this has a big impact on my life. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited to learn this medication is now covered.
It has been over a month and I don't see 'Grandma' nearly as much, but it is well worth the money I save.
There is no larger principal to this story which inspired me to write about it. It is just something I was really excited about and am still excited about whenever it's remembered.

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meg said...

Christopher! That is great news! Wow, what a relief. $200 would be such a burden every month unless your name was Warren Buffett or Jimmy Buffett or you owned Chuck-a-Rama Buffet.