Lord Neanderthal.

I was reading an interesting article today about the mapping of the neanderthal genome on the npr website.(Turns out humans DID have sex with Neanderthals. European's at least. Genes specific to neanderthals are found in people of European Ancestory but not African. Which makes sense since neanderthals lived in Europe. How widespread the human Neanderthal love affair went is unknown. Theoretically it may have only happened once, though that seems unlikely)
The article on Npr included this photo of an artist depiction of a neanderthal.

Looking at it, I thought the face looked awfully familiar.

Then it dawned on me.. It is none other than our Lord and Saviour...Jesus!

(if you are wondering why I say this dumbfounded looking man is Jesus, click here)

After getting over my surprise that Jesus was actually a neanderthal, I noticed the picture also reminded me of someone else.
None other than our other Lord and Savior....Cat Stevens!

Their face is kind of similar, but mostly I am thinking about the short bangs/big beard.

So not only Jesus was a Neanderthal, but he was clearly a friend or acquaintance of Cat Stevens. Maybe he asked C. Stevens to give him a hair cut, or he just liked Cat's hair enough to style his own the same way. Either way, these neanderthal genes have shown there is a lot we didn't know about Jesus.(or Cat Stevens)


Vincent said...

I'm sure I have Neanderthal ancestors.

meg said...

This was quite the enlightening and funny post. I like this Vincent character.