Plants and signs and shelves.

Here are a few of the things I have been doing with my free time since graduation.(I have quite a bit of free time these days and I LOVE IT!)

I made signs for my herb/vegetable garden. Here are some scanned images:

I made a present for my Grandpa. It is a long story but at the beginning of last quarter I suddenly had to come up with $6000 or I couldn't register for classes and wouldn't have been able to graduate when I did. Thankfully my rich grandpa(he helped found Enron, but is not a crook. He retired before all the shady business went down.) pulled through. This was a present I made to thank him. The pot was made by Marissa. The sign by myself and the plant by mother nature(vs. nurture):

I built and installed a shelf two days ago.
I saw something similar in the New York Times and really liked it.
I am thinking of putting in two more shelves so the windows if filled with plants, however, marissa and I will be moving in a few months, so I'm not sure if I want to put that much work into something I will have to take down soon:

(my camera battery is dead and I can't find the charger, so I took this photo with my mac's photobooth feature. In case you were wondering why the quality is so low)

I also ate some funny candy:

In addition to my inside garden, I also planted an outside garden(marissa helped quite a bit with the outside garden. She did much of the hard work. ie. pulling out the plants and weeds that were already in our tiny little garden space. There was one especially troublesome weed plant that took me almost an hour to pull out. A few of the leaves from it were left in the soil and within days put down considerable roots)

I made a wooden box for something I never ended up using it for and Marissa had the brilliant idea that I could use it as a shelf for my tea things.

(Not that you were interested but that ceramic tile is normally on the wall above the mountain painting. I don't remember why it was on top of the box when I took this photo. And the pencil is normally in my hand writing important documents.)

There are some more things I could post but...my caffeine buzz is starting to wear off.


Vincent said...

Excellent. I share your enthusiasm for this creativity.

Alternative explanation: impressionably, I allow your manic, caffeine-fuelled mood to infect me.

Either way, we enjoy it while we can.

l i z said...

those herb signs are way cooler than anything i could have conjured.

Chris Almond said...

Vincent and Liz,
Thank you very much for the encouraging words! Its always enjoyable to receive positive feedback. (and negative feedback. Though obviously positive feedback tends to be more enjoyable.)

Heather said...

What would a girl have to pay you for some of those ceramic herb signs? Is it something you would consider? I love them, Chris!

ricky said...

I like those herb signs as well. Those look like the most marketable things you have made. I could imagine those would be big sellers, especially in your hippy, lib-tard, tree-hugging, socialist, fascist town.

Chris Almond said...

Thanks ricky.
At first I read your comment as saying 'the most remarkable' and I thought, 'that's weird'. Then I re-read it.
Yeah, when I made them i was thinking it seems like a much easier thing to sell than a painting or sculpture and was meaning to put them on etsy and forgot until now. Thanks for the reminder.
I've already sold one. To heather above you. Just mailed it yesterday.
But yeah, I should probably try and sell them here locally too. That is a good idea. There is an indie craft fair coming up, I should sell them at that.