Rainbow prints

For some reason, Glen has taken a liking to standing in my watercolor pallet(it is a rectangular plate with inch high walls) while grooming himself. This leads to rainbow paw prints over the kitchen counter.
In other cat news, ever since he jumped from the window sill onto my face and experienced my startled, angry reaction, he seems to have learned to not jump on our stomachs(or faces) anymore. He carefully jumps in between us.
I also wonder if he might be bi-polar. For a few days he will be wild then seem melancholy for several days and then a few days being even-tempered. Maybe he is just going through puberty.
Cats: the most boring thing to hear about unless it is your own.


meg said...

These cat posts are sure a drag. Kidding. They are cute. Kute Kat.

Emily Whale said...

similar to ancient pompeii as well as her sister city Herculaneum, were accurately stopped departed in their pathways, frozen in an instant of each day life during the first century.

Chris Almond said...

Meg, I am a cutey little kitten, bow before me.

Chris Almond said...

@emily whale,
Huh? was that spam?