i don't have a lot of reasons to think this, but i have a few reasons. but it is my opinion that jesus is alive somewhere on earth today. one reason is the Mayan prophecy about 2012. since the mayan's made accurate predictions about 1844 and 1863 i am inclined to trust their powers of prophecy.
i am also inclined to trust the prophetic powers of Baha'ullah who said that when that 'blessed beauty' should return he would be a man, born to parents who would eat, drink and walk the streets. that the 'clouds' he is prophesied to return in refer to the clouds of tradition which cause people to doubt.
because of this, i feel that if he is intended to return in 2012 (i would guess by return, it is meant he will make some sort of declaration of who he is), it makes sense he would be a grown man by that time, and since it is only five years away he must now be living and doing stuff.
it is also my opinion that he lives somewhere in north America, likely the United States. i think this because of the Baha'i prophecy that the next manifestation will come from the west.
i like trying to imagine this person. what sort of things he might be doing right now. what sort of music, food, art etc. does he like.
it is not too difficult to imagine his character. probably very gentle, honest, loving, wise, patient, funny, humble etc.
of course i could be wrong about all this. but either way. i feel just having the idea that such a person exists, and trying to imagine what they are like in my imagination and emulate that helps me be a better person.
because trying to imagine historical Jesus, or Buddha or Krsna or other manifestations, while helpful can be a bit too abstract because they lived in times so different than our own.
i want to keep my eyes peeled for this person. keep my self aware so i can recognize this manifestation when and if i have any sort of encounter with him. who knows, maybe he is even on Myspace. i would imagine that despite his noble character, because of the outrageousness of his claim many people will not take it serious.


Version #2 said...

If I someone were holding a schwing to my head and telling me to predict the coming of Christ or be schwinged, I'd also hold to the 2012 prediction for the same reasons you stated dealing with Mayans. The Mayans have a pretty good history of these types of these things...not to mention that I also call them Nephites...or were they Lamanites in their good phase...I can't remember...Book of Mormonites...that's what I'll call them. I don't know about the Bahai guy, he might have gotten a schwing to the head...SIKE, maybe (this is mostly just an joke squared towards ignorance and religious-centricity, I made that up I think.

Version #2 said...

Seriously though..2012, good prediction if any.