things i do.

these are the things i do with my time:
read books. i am currently reading 'the elegent universe'. The Koran and book of short stories.
I usually take a walk everyday. the most common places for me to walk are to the library or byu campus. usually this depends on the weather. if the weather is poor i will likely just end up walking to the provo library since it is closer. if i end up there i will usually stay for an hour or so reading. while walking i either listen to music on my ipod or silence.
i find myself really enjoying mundane chores. like watering my plants or doing the dishes. i like having something to do that involves very few options on how to do it. this relates to a discussion i had with isaac about how when we increase our options it can decrease our happiness. i will write about that later. while i do things like wash the dishes i like to listen to public radio.
i make some sort of art on most days. currently i am making a diorama i am pleased with it. it involves an angel and children and a cloud. i most often listen to public radio while making art.
i try to exercise every day. either doing some combination of yoga stretches, or weight lifting or push-ups. i also try and do the falun gong exercises everyday, although recently i have not been doing as well.
on tuesdays i attend the bahai discussion group in slc. before it happens i often don't want to attend, but i am always glad i did during and afterwards. the discussions are great and uplifting. i like the people who attend.
i had signed up to be a hospice volunteer but i missed one of the training meetings and have yet to reschedule so that hasn't happened yet.
i was also trying to volunteer to teach reading at the prison, but the woman in charge never returned my calls so i finally stopped calling.
i typically hang out with friends a few days throughout the week, but as i wrote about earlier there is no one friend i seem to spend more time with than others. for a while meg and i were hanging out often but now she is dating scott we hang out less often.
sometimes i take drives.
sometimes i help my parents with different things. for example they have been moving lately and i have been helping them move. or sometimes my mom will need a ride to a doctors appointment so i will help with that.

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