at this point in time i don't feel i have any male friends who are too close. this is something uncommon for me. i feel i have always had a close male friend in my life since the eighth grade.
normally when one friend leaves my life, like when morgan began dating lindsay, another will immediately enter, the way jeff did.
since jeff has left for l.a. i don't feel anyone new has taken his place.
i live with caleb now who i felt fairly close to before his mission. but things have felt different since he has been back. we live together now but don't seem to talk or hang out much.
i have grown to like my roommate ryan, but it seems he is only interested in snowboarding and marijuana so it is difficult to create a strong connection.
i have been spending more time with isaac lately which i really enjoy. but he lives in salt lake and works hours that make it difficult to hang out more than once a week.
davey and i have both expressed interest to each other about becoming better friends. but things haven't seemed to coalesce for that yet. partly my own fault. he has made a good effort at inviting me to things but seem to be doing something else whenever he does.
i miss having a male best friend in my life

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