having a favorite book and falling in love feel similar to me. similar in that it is hard for me to imagine me having a favorite book, or falling in love.

i love books. i read many, but no book do enjoy enough that i would want to give it the status of being my favorite. no book i have read have i wished i had written it.

i suppose every book is a reflection of the author's soul. just as other pieces of art, like poetry, music or painting. but other pieces of art are much quicker reflections. or reflections of just one aspect,i imagine this would make it easier to fully connect with a person. whereas a book contains so much information, touches on so many aspects of the author's character, it would be more difficult for it to fully connect with a person.

although i realize a person's ability to make quality art does not fully or necessarily reflect on their character. some people i admire are not gifted in artistic ways, and some art i love is not made with a full comprehension of why it is good, and so is not a true reflection of the creator.

what i am trying to say is that while other pieces of art can fully speak to me and be everything i want that piece of art to be, no book has done this, though i am open to the possibility of such a book existing.
there are so many books it seems easy to imagine i may never discover it if it exists.

as well it is also amazing to me that so many people do have favorite books. each person is so unique and so specific how can so many have found a book they can connect with fully?

this is also i feel about love. how can so many people have fallen in love? it seems like such an impossible task to meet another individual you enjoy so much you would want to spend your entire life with, even share the same bed every night. and yet this happens to most people.
of all the billions of people you wouldn't be in love with, most people are able to find someone. amazing.
and while i am open to the possibility of one day finding this person, it is difficult for me to imagine.
i wonder, how many people in this world could i' find true love' with? one hundred? one thousand? even if there are as many as one thousand girls in this world i could be in love with i still must be in the right place at the right time for this to happen. so easily could i miss that opportunity.

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