Even though whenever movies (which is most big budget movies being made today) have themes about how the power of love overcomes all obstacles I like to make fun of it with all the force my wit affords me, the difficult aspects of life really are easier when you are with someone you love.

Today, all day was spent running errands, which would normally be uninspiring and taxing was very enjoyable because Marissa was with me.

Having Marissa here with me in Olympia makes these dark and cold days of winter, which is normally the most difficult time of year a pleasure. Laying in bed, being lazy, eating pizza and watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Today we went to a mediocre Thai restaurant and as we were being led to our seat we overheard the waitress saying to a nearby table saying "...that's because they don't have peas in carrots in Thai..land or whatver"


carie said...

i know what you mean about the mediocre Thai food restaurant but add two naughty kids to the mix and isn't very enjoyable being there, even if you are in love.

Vincent said...

And the whole point of the anecdote is that you are in love and even a mediocre Thai restaurant can be gilded into a treasured memory. Am I right?

Chris Almond said...

that is correct. and also it was just funny what the waitress said. the way she said thailand was as if she was saying thai world. like she didn't even realize there is really a country called thailand.