Inauguration menstration

My favorite part of Obama's inauguration speech was when he said "..science will return to it's rightful place" (i may have not worded that exactly correct, but that was the jist of it). A clear reference to the anti-science attitude modern American Christians have come to adopt and was embodied by President Bush's Government.

My least favorite part was all the stuff about how American needs to resume its role as the leader of the world. I don't care for talk like that. The incredible ego involved in thinking that know what is best for the world is off-putting for me. We might be the most powerful single economic and military force, but we are not the happiest country. That honor goes to Denmark. (the U.S. is ranked 16th, below Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico and Iceland)

Since I do not get my news from the television, this was actually the first time I have watched a full Obama Speech. His skill as an orator hasn't been overstated. I found myself, at the times when he spoke of things I disagreed with, having to remind myself of what he was saying, because I had become hypnotized into agreement by his melodious cadences.


l i z said...

i totally wanted to use this phrase. you have no idea how satisfying it is that you did.

Vincent said...

I'm with you on that bit about America as leader of the world. It needs to stop thinking that and start being just a part of the world like the other parts. I'd go further and talk about its people being citizens of the world first and Americans second.

But if Obama spoke and acted to please you and me he would have both the Democrats and Republicans condemning him at the same time.

carie said...

I think Obama was saying a lot of stuff in his speech to appeal to those republicans that think he is Anti-American. He is just trying to restore unity.

My least favorite part was when the Judge messed up Obama's oath. It made him look so nervous. And Fox News really enjoyed that.