warming hearts from coast to coast

One fairly common sight I probably used to view with some negativity but now see as heart warming: When I am at a gas station (or a grocery store, but it seems a more common sight at gas stations), particularly around late afternoon early evening, and I see two dudes,buddies, buying a six pack of beer.
It makes me think of sitting on the front porch watching the sunset with a best friend, sipping lime flavored beers, eating Dorritos and 'shooting the shit' (for some reason I feel silly using that term, but putting it in quotations makes it okay?) And sharing a six pack, its not like you get drunk or even tipsy, (especially with utah beer) but just a little chilled out. Good for conversation.

Not heart warming: Seeing one person with a shopping cart entirely full of beer and a look that makes you think it probably isn't for a party.

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