Church property

Next door to my art studio is a Church. The Church is Christian but I'm realizing now i've never noticed what denomination.

The Church is, at nearly all times rife with homeless people. Camped out in the doorways and the courtyard in the back in the evenings, or just lounging or reading in the day time.

Seeing this pretty site I'm often struck by how I could not imagine seeing this on the grounds of an Lds chapel, Temple or other church property.*

Even sitting too long on a bench in the Church's main street plaza after nightfall can get one asked to leave.

The site of a church surrounded by the homeless is about a thousand billion (trillion?) times more attractive to me than the well manicured lawns of LDS owned property.

I can understand their motives. Probably want to create a place that appears clean, inviting, holy, sacred, fit for religious worship etc. Perhaps there are even safety and insurance concerns.
They may worry potential investegators may be turned away by the sight of homeless.

But I believe any of these reasons to be at odds with the Message of Jesus. And I have decided I will begin attending this Church on sundays, because of how impressed I am by their treatment of the homeless.(I am still a Baha'i, but part of being a Baha'i is attending all variety of religious services. Besides, it is closer than the Baha'i meetings in Slc. Even though I go to Slc about once a week)

*I tend to pick on the Mormon church a disporportionate amount. This only because I know it so well and am constantly surrounded by it. Not because I think is so much worse than other denominations, have some one to pick with it, or feel any bitterness because of my previous membership. Though not to long ago I came to realize that I dislike the church more than I like it.

P.s. I really like Pimp my ride. I would LOVE to have my old Volkswagon pimped out. I'm just sayin' is all


carie said...

is it Salvation Army?

Homeless People + Church always equals the Salvation Army in my mind.

Chris Almond said...

its not salvation army. i think it is....assembly of god? i keep meaning to check but i never go by the front of the building.