Matte Cars

On Sunday Marissa and I went to Expo Chicago, a brand new contemporary art fair and the first such art fair I've been to (it was a lot of fun and we saw some good stuff, but it was yet another confirmation to me that I fit better with a literary crowd than a high art crowd).

But the reason I mention it, is because there was some sort of luxury car in the lobby (I'm not much of a car person so I can't remember what it was. BMW? Mercedes? Something European) and it had a matte finish!

I had never seen a car with a matte finish...well, I guess I've seen a handful of custom paint Jobs that are matte, but never on a brand new factory made car. I loved it.
Since lesser brands tend to draw their inspiration from luxury brands, it made me hope this was the beginning in a big trend and that in ten years matte finishes will be common place. Not that matte is inherently better than gloss. But too much of either gets boring and we've had many decades of nearly all gloss.

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