A theory in which the broad outlines of Mormon Theology seems plausible.

This is transhumanist theory I thought of recently. Although I wasn't thinking it at the time, in retrospect I realized it has a rather Mormonish character.

I don't necessarily believe it is true or even likely, but it seems plausible. I suspect the idea not unique, and has probably even been posted it on the Internet, but I've not personally encountered it.

Here it is:

In the distant future, well after the singularity where humans use computer technology to enhance their mental abilities (which has already been done in rudimentary ways with rats. Boffins have not only implanted a memory in a rat but they have replaced a damaged part of a rat's brain with computer hardware) and our intelligence increases in ways we cannot know imagine, we will undoubtably alter our genetic code so any child born will have a large array of senses we currently do not have (like birds ability to use quantum entangled electrons to see the Earths Magnetic field or many animals ability to sense a being by their electricity or have dogs awesome power of smell etc etc) and powers or abilities like levitating objects with your mind or
Teleportation or things we can no better imagine than the Vikings could imagine Facebook.

Anyone born into this world, despite their incredible powers, would lack the experience and wisdom to properly control themselves and not be serious danger to the safety of other beings and perhaps even the entire world.

To allow children a chance to gain wisdom without being a threat to humanity, everyone could be required to spend their earliest times in a simulated environment where they have less power in order to learn the ability of co-existing with other beings. In this environment, children would learn how empathize with people so thoroughly that not destroying the world is something freely chosen, since no other means would exist to prevent such a thing. In this world, it would be as if everyone, from the time they were a baby, had access to a button that launches all the world's nuclear bombs.

So our world, their past, is that simulation. One would enter at various stages in a simulated recreation of human history, starting from the beginning.
Each individual runs through a full cycle of the simulation where, like re-incarnation, they experience being a human throughout all the stages of history and every station of life, from a tribal chief 20,000 years ago to homeless murder victim to douche bag murderer homeless people.

Basically, as an individual one must go through the thousands and thousands of years of biological and cultural growth that the human race went through as a whole, up until the point in time that, for these future beings, is the present. In this scenario the only way for an individual to have the proper maturity needed for handling the powers humanity has slowly developed, is to experience the same course of progression humanity itself required to develop and control these abilities. There is no short cut.

However, because it is a simulation, the experience of time may be manipulated and what feels like thousands of years may only take a few weeks in 'real' time outside the simulation.
Since these future beings fit most all the criteria of 'God', It is like the concept of 'Eternal Progression' and 'Exaltation' within Mormonism. The Gods, ( future beings) birthed us in, what for us would be the pre-existence, sent us to Earth, (the Simulation) so we can learn how to live in their presence again without destroying all of existence. So we continually progress until we become like them. Those who, for whatever reason never gain the maturity needed, to be one of the Gods must, for the sake of humanity, be cast out. Perhaps put in a simulated world with others like themselves where they can live destructively in an otherwise enjoyable realm without the risk of non virtual damage.
You could even work prayer into
this. Perhaps the parents of the child in the simulation could observe them and their feelings and be allowed to, in subtle ways, manipulate the simulation to better accommodate the needs of their child.

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Lincoln Cannon said...

Hi Chris. Check out the New God Argument (new-god-argument.com) and the Mormon Transhumanist Association (transfigurism.org).