It has been so great having Marissa here.
Relationships, of any sort, at their best make life so much easier. When each person is contributing it makes the burdens of life lighter. At their worst, it makes life harder. You not only feel responsible for your own concerns, but the concerns of the other. Both physically and emotionally another person may expect a great deal from you and contribute little. With Marissa it is the first part. In all the time I have known her, only five months though it feels much longer, she has never not been extremely kind and giving. And not just not unkind, but extra mile type kindness.
It is not that she is a people pleaser. Rarely is people pleasing an act of kindness, but rather insecurity selfishness. The people pleaser often wants others to think well of him or her and so won't express their true feelings with hopes of being accepted. Most of us do this from time to time, especially in uncomfortable situations. But of course, true kindness includes honesty and openness. Marissa is, at all times, kind and giving, but not a 'people pleaser'. She gives out of sincere concern for others, not to be thought well of.
Here she is on my bed:


trevor said...

hey chris, sorry this is a little wierd way to communicate but anyways, i've got heretic pride, and the lioness ( which i have sort of been saving special cause i think it's such an amazing record...good choice) do you want both these? how should we do this, you're up in washington right now right?

Vincent said...

Lovely picture which tells at least a thousand words. Happy for you both.

Chris Almond said...

thank you very much vincent. yes, i feel this picture really captures a lot.

Chris Almond said...

I would really like lioness. I am not familiar with heretic pride. would you recommend it?
we can switch to email. that would probably be easier. what is your address? or, here is my address chrisallmanlovesyou@gmail.com

ROXY MARJ said...

Christopher!!!! THIS writing of Marissa is soooooo sooo sweet and special! :) I could not agree more on what you think about people pleasing... that was so well written! You sir, are an excellent writer! :)