yesterday i went to the interfaith student group i joined.
i really really really like it! i am excited for next weeks meeting.
each week we have a dinner, discuss inter faith topics, share things from our own religious back grounds, maybe have a game. frequently we will have guest speakers.
the man who runs it i really like. he is the sort of guy i would like to emulate. so far myself feeling very similar to him in many ways, and he has yet to do or say anything i have not liked. perhaps he can become a mentor to me.
he has that some people develop as they age? fit, gray haired, but very light looking, as if their bright spirit is shining through. you know how by the time people reach their fifties or so their countenances often become physically set in their faces. and his is set very warm, inviting, wise and understanding.
he is a quaker, and a teacher of world religions.
after the meeting something interesting happened. he pulled me aside and said i have a very bright spirit. to big to be contained by mormonism or any system and that i would go on to create my own system or movement.
funny. i don't entirely know what he means by that, but it felt good to hear.
i am looking forward to getting to know him better and perhaps having him as a sort of mentor.

and on Wednesday i am going in with some other boy to officially form a falun gong student group.


carie said...

So what does it mean if my face looks like it is made of wax? Does it mean I have the countenance of ghost?

Vincent said...

I would call him a messenger angel.