beyond the grave

I have recently become again interested in near death type experiences and similar books where people claim to have contact with the other side. (mostly i was looking for books at the library that would be uplifting and provide a pleasant escape, while I am still transitioning to living away from Utah, plus i have so much free time since school does not begin until the 24th. These books have provided exactly what I was craving. so has star trek, the next generation. there are so many episodes of it online. i have been watching an average of three per day!)
I have read a few near death books before, and recently finished one, and another book on pre-birth experiences, which was very interesting. The woman who wrote the pre-birth book, i suspect was Mormon. She never said it directly but a few things in the book caused me to suspect.(you know how there is certain mormon language, plus the notion of pre-existence is a mormon concept) The book was very interesting. It was a collection of accounts people have had with people before they are born. Often it may be a mother who has decided to have no more children, then has a dream or vision of her yet unborn child asking her to allow his or her birth.

currently i am reading a very interesting serious of books. they are called 'seth books'.
the books, i believe there are ten in the serious, are transcripts of a dialogue that occurred between a married couple and a spirit named Seth around the 1960s.
they first began messing around with a ouiji board and eventually began regularly contacting a man named frank watts, who later asked to be called seth. they began recording their conversations with him. after a while, the wife noticed she was receiving the answers the board would spell out in her mind before the board would spell them. eventally, they stop using the board and the wife is able to act as a medium for seth to communicate.
what is interesting about the information they receive is how closely it seems to conform with the information my old love Emmanuel Swedenborg received. as well as what is seen and learned by the people who have near death experiences.
all of these, Emanuel Swedenborg, The Seth volumes, the accounts of near death experiences, and those of pre-birth experiences all seem to witness of the same things, which to me, gives the impression of truthfulness.
i have found it interesting, how much each of these descriptions of the divine confirm the doctrines taught by the Baha'is. and to a lesser degree, some of what was taught by Joseph Smith, however it contradicts Mormon doctrine in someways.
One very common thing either asked by the experiencers is about the role of religion. the answer is always the same, most all religion is good. (though not necessarily of equal goodness) different religions speak to people on different levels. there is no on true group. but that religion can have negative effects when it causes people to close themselves to outside truths or groups of people.

also, everyone experiences that the after life appears to come in infinite levels of degrees that correspond and that progression can take place after one has died. a doctrine taught by both Baha'i and Mormonism.

another thing i have found interesting in reading these books is no one EVER meets god. or Jesus. people often meet a being they think might be Jesus, because he is so kind and loving. but never is it confirmed to them.

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