I wonder if Einstein is really the super genius we have made him out to be, or just a regular genius who came around at the right time, with an interest in the right subject. Because surely if he had died young, his theories would have been figured out eventually and it probably wouldn't have been much later. His work built directly on his predecessors and might even be seen as the logical next step to the existing theories. By no means was he operating in a vacuum. So I guess the question would be, would one individual have discovered all the stuff Einstein did, or would it have been a bunch people, like quantum mechanics?

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Vincent said...

I'm with you there. So many innovators are praised with a cliché like "If X had never lived then women would still be wringing out their clothes beside a river." Whereas in fact there was usually a queue of competing inventors claiming credit for the wringer, electric washing machine etc, so that if X had never lived, the secrets of the atom/antibiotics/DNA would have been discovered eighteen months later.