I finally saw inception. The top rated sci-fi movie on Imdb. It was an enjoyable movie to watch, but I found myself not able to get past the notion of a 'dream within a dream'. I try not to let things like that bother me, especially in science fiction movies (because if I did, it would be hard to enjoy almost any Sci-Fi film), but the idea of a dream within a dream seemed so dumb.
Close your eyes (don't really, keep reading!) and imagine yourself sitting in a chair. Then imagine that your imagination self is imagining a train and on that train in your imagined self's imagination there is you, sitting in one of the seats, imaging a buffalo.
Imagining yourself imagining is the same thing as a dream within a dream. It isn't an actual THING distinct from a regular dream. It isn't as if there is an actual dream happening in your dream. A dream within a dream is just a dream about yourself dreaming. Or a dream about a dream. A dream within a dream is the same thing as a dream. (i'm a little tipsy right now. had a few 'key lime' cocktails (which are delicious) at the Chupacabra')

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meg said...

Fuck you! Just kidding. Those two words are so hurtful - "fuck" and "you." Not necessarily separately (although I guess they can be), but when you put them together - damnit! Unless it's a literal statement and you are with someone you are really attracted to, then I guess the words "fuck you" can be exciting. In any case, fuck you for not loving Inception with your whole damn heart. Kidding again (Judy Grimes), it's cool. I liked it, but did not love it as much as every other boner did. ALTHOUGH there was an article relating Inception to all this Buddhist shit, which made me appreciate Inception more - but not Buddhism. It made me hate Buddhism.