Almost every creative medium I have encountered has piqued my interest to the point where I've wanted to learn it myself. Some things like music or print making, I realized I either wasn't naturally gifted, or enjoyed the process enough to keep at it. Others, like ceramics, writing or painting, I obviously enjoy very much and continue directing my time and effort in those directions.
One area that has never really grabbed my attention at all is digital media. Unlike other media, I can appreciate what others do with it yet have no desire to try it myself.
Because of this, I know almost nothing when it comes to graphic design or web developing.
While I've wanted a website for a long time and even had a particular design in mind, my lack of interest and ability has stood in the way.
Now that I have graduated college and more or less committed myself to pursuing a career as an artist, I've wanted to make more of a focused effort on marketing myself and having gallery shows. I felt it was important to have a website, so I could have something to show those I approached.

Over the past couple weeks, in the moments I could catch in between caring for our new puppy, ( I am still amazed at how much work it is! I had thought people were exaggerating when they said it was like taking care of a baby), I finally buckled down, did my research and learned how to make a fairly simple site. While it is nothing like my dream idea and nothing fancy, it is clean, simple and gets the job done. Perhaps one day, my dream site will happen, but until then I have this:


I am still working on a few elements, but it is complete enough to be unveiled.


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