more prayer flags

I have started researching various wedding customs. it seems like there ought to be something more beautiful and interesting than the traditional western wedding.

These are words to a song I like, that I am listening to right now, as I surf the internet and write in my blog:

Listen to me get off the internet
We are the ones who are alive right now so lets start living
We're obsessed with freedom and living easy lives
but what use is an easy life hungry and blind
The hallow cold, the crawling-hunting,
indulging your weakest parts and still you're hungry
Why not wake the fuck up and smell the air outside
and do a little real work and come back to life
Clean out the fridge, take out the garbage,
sweep the floor, open the doors and windows
read the news, shut up about music
ask a stupid question, stop feeling too ignorant
This is the one world where we live curious and busy,
As the world is ending can I survive this cold dawn
At least I can sit here in the street exhaling and strong
Clean up the mess, get off the internet
We are the ones who are alive right now so lets start living.

here are more pictures of prayer flags:


carie said...

You are dropping lots of hints. i think soon you will be proposing over your blog.

Marissa N. Paolacci said...

i love technology

Chris Almond said...

Carie, I don't know what you are talking about. are those even words?

Chris Almond said...

I was joking, i know those were words. But seriously though, i'm not meaning to be as if i am dropping hints. I mean, marissa and I have discussed the idea of marriage frequently and openly. It seems likely, but we want to wait till she gets back from ukraine to decide anything certainly. I was just meaning to say, that as marriage has been something i have been thinking about, and trying to think what would be a desirable sort of wedding, it has caused me to realize how western wedding ceremonies aren't that interesting.

ruthallison said...

of course you can come to church w me. it is called the c.i.c. (christ interfaith community, i think, though they are not outwardly christian). i was going to ask if you wanted to come bc i think you'll like it a lot.