Even though I recently put an icon on my blog proclaiming it to be ad-free I am now posting an ad! This ad is for Simple Shoes, a company I support, so do not feel bad promoting.
Why am I promoting Simple Shoes? I can't remember. I am joking. If A person posts one of two videos on their site they are entered to win a free pair of Simple Shoes.
Their shoes are cool and their bags too. By cool I mean well designed and environmentally friendly. Below are both videos. I don't care at all if anyone watches them, but them being here might win me a free pair of shoes. I realize it is so gimmicky of Simple Shoes asking people to post their video for the remote possibility of winning a shoe, and maybe I seem like such a sucker for having fallen for it, but since I do support the company, I guess I don't mind. And all my current shoes are old and crumbly.


l i z said...

sell out.
i kid.

morganne blair witchfield said...


this whole slideshow is a wet dream for me. whats your bro studying at risd? or should i say what was he studying?

The Gorbott said...

it was not a joke.


i have been celebrating franksgiving ever since i read this for the first time.