flip flop

I keep pulling John Kerrys. I go back and forth between excitement and nervousness about today. I will read a news article about Obama being 11 points ahead in the polls and feel so excited, then hear on NPR him being ahead by only 6 points and feel nervous. I also read, just this morning, that in 2000 Al Gore was behind 7 points in pre-election polls and, as we remember, won the popular vote. This made me particularly nervous.

On one hand I am excited to finally know who our president will be, but I think I will miss the election fever. I enjoy the way election time gets everyone talking about issues that are sort of important. I enjoy the weird debates I get in with old friends from high school who ask if I hate America, and when I say no he tells me Obama does, when I ask what his evidence is he says a bunch of stuff about socialism, when I ask him to remind me how that has anything to do with hating America he then shifts to Obama not having worn an American flag lapel pin. I ask if he wears an American flag lapel pin. He then changes tactics again. I will honestly miss weird stuff like that.

I will be excited to no longer hear rants against the Bush administration. While I generally agree with everything these ranters are saying, they never say anything new, yet speak as if they are saying something incredibly profound. I won't miss at least one caller per episode on every Npr show that takes call going off on a rant against the Bush administration, no matter how loosely related their rant is to the shows topic. I wonder what these callers say to the screeners. Do they make up a fake question? Or do they tell them, 'I'm just going to go on rant about the Bush administration until the host finally says that I need to ask a question because they are short on time'

'Dear God, Please bless that Barack Obama will win the election today, your friend on earth, Christopher' I prayed this morning.
I am hoping that God values my prayers more than all the Christians praying for John Mccain. And that the new electronic voting booths are susceptible to his holy spirit, creating divine election fraud on my behalf. If all my prayers are answered I should also be expecting a free pizza any minute now....

But to be honest, I did pray this morning that Barack Obama would win the election. Then I thought, wait, what am I doing? For the reasons I joked about above. Supposing prayer really works, and supposing Obama would otherwise lose, yet God wanted to pay special attention to my prayer above others, what would be done? Divine fraud?

But man oh man! I started crying again thinking about the possibility of Mccain winning.

'Dear God, why hasn't my free pizza arrived? Your friend online, Christopher'


camille said...

all too true. what a long emotional day this will be.

The Gorbott said...

i can't wait to start ranting about the new president. i am already feeling so sick of the new president even though he is not elected yet.

l i z said...

dear have me pompeii your town,

your posts are funny. i want this election to be over, or the world to end (whichever comes first). and no, i don't think the results of this election will have any real impact on when the world ends.
i didn't think i'd ever say this, but i kinda want Obama to win slightly more; can't put my finger on exactly why. thank you for your prayers. people should pray more. especially people who don't usually pray (and the one's who pray all the time repetitive, shallow prayers should leave every familiar life luxury and get themselves to the mountains so they can learn what real prayer is. sometimes this includes me.)

yours truly,


p.s. i'm eating pizza today.

Chris Almond said...

@camille. It is always so fun for me when you leave a comment on my blog. it is like a pleasant blast from the past. I think I implied that I only had a crush on you in 8th grade, but that is just when it started. I guess it continued for the rest of our public schooling in payson. But did we even have any classes together after german? It seems like we didn't but maybe I am forgetting something. also, it is cool that you are married. I hope to get married sometime in not too long. you can be my best man. "and now introducing my best man, a crush I had in high school that i haven't seen since"
Also, I noticed mission photos on your facebook, where did you go? i went to toronto.

@quinn, it always sucks to hear from you. I am joking.

You are welcome. I think people should pray more as well. I do it often, and always feel positive effects when I do. And thank you for the compliment about my posts being funny. So you were friends with my sister-in-law in high school?