The best and most important entry ever written, ever by anyone.,

This morning I awoke from, if I am remembering correctly, fourth order dreaming.

First, My family was going to watch my brother graduate from RISD, which happened to be in Omaha, so my Omaha family was their as well. Not only was he graduating, but was being made a Professor of the department he had graduated in.

Anyway, once at the graduation, my brother's first talk (he was scheduled for three) ended up being all about Mormonism, then we listened to a pre-recorded criticism of Mormonism, which required his next two talks to serve as rebuttals.>

After the graduation ceremony, I realized I really liked RISD decided to apply. I also thought that since my brother was now RISD faculty he could pull some strings with admissions.

Then I woke up.

After I woke up I ran into my dad who had just been mailed some documents from RISD regarding me. Risd was seeking additional information about me, to help in their decision.
When we looked at the information, it was questions about how regularly I had paid my tithing. I instructed him to put the reason I never paid my tithing is because I had left the Church.

Then I really woke up.

Turns out I had already been accepted to RISd, Which happened to be in Chicago. Then a bunch of stuff happened, I flew out there, and some kid at Risd in Chicago ended up killing a professor, before my beautiful eyes. Right in front of my pretty peepers. Right before my Jeepers creepers.
During a retrospective of his life, it turned out Risd had only recently begun focusing on art, and had previously been an engineering school, that did a little architecture as well.

Then I REALLY woke up. And had to catch a bus to school, and all sorts of weird things happened, too many to write. When I finally got to school I was walking around the halls, saw the kid who had killed the professor and got a creepy feeling from him.and when I was walking around the halls I came across Ira Glass, David Sedaris, and Greg Caldwell, sitting around making jokes, with the tape recorder running, recording their next show. I tried Joining in but my jokes fell flat.
Then some weird flying stuff and happened and I woke up.

Then I saw my bedroom door open a crack, heard some giggling, and my two nieces from my sister Amy came in my room. They looked around at all my art and asked questions about it, then went up stairs. I read for a while, then went up stairs my self and they were already gone.
I made a Veggie burger, and poured a glass of raspberry lemonade and started writing a Diaryland entry about my fourth order dreaming. Then I finished that last sentence and ate a cookie dipped in milk. In the middle of that last sentence I had another sip of milk.
The milk is from Winder Dairy. Because of my Mom's health problems it is difficult for her to shop, so she began having a local company Winder Dairy deliver some groceries. Their milk is SO good. It is funny, because my parents are as unconcerned about the environment or their health as anyone could be, but now they are actually doing pretty well in those areas in terms of food. The food they now eat is generally organic, locally grown and produced. The empty milk cartons are picked up each week when the new milk is dropped off.
They acknowledge the food they get from Winder is tastes richer and fresher than normal food bought at a normal grocery store, but they couldn't care less about it being healthier or better for the environment.
I just put my dishes in the sink. Except for a glass of strawberry lemonade. Which I am drinking from a tea bowl made for me by Greg Caldwell. The strawberry lemonade is also from Winder Dairy. It is SO good! I am not otherwise a big fan of strawberry lemonade, but I do love this. The ingredients are: Water, lemonade, sugar, strawberry pulp. That is IT! So simple! So fresh! Normally Strawberry lemonade feels to processed and high fructose corn syrupy.
But speaking of how simple the ingredients to this strawberry lemonade is. It reminds me of how sometimes, not uncommonly, I will hear people say, that as a rule of thumb, avoid foods that have ingredients they cannot pronounce or don't know what they are.


I was looking at the ingredients to my multivitamins the other day, and I probably couldn't pronounce, or had ever heard of before 95% of the ingredients. These weren't synthetic vitamins, they came from all natural, vegetarian sources. An far better rule of thumb(though still one that would be way more time consuming than I think would be worth it) would be to, if you are unfamiliar with or can't pronounce an ingredient, rather than not eat it, learn what it is and how to pronounce it!. One's ignorance about chemicals is a terrible guide on their safety. By that reasoning, the following scenario would be okay:
"Let's see... this product contains, arsenic, which is all natural so that is a plus, oooh alchohol, also all natural, botulism, ricin. Great, all things I have heard of, plus all natural"
Clearly that example is obsurd, yet it fits the guidelines.
Since writing that, I finished my tea bowl full of Strawberry lemonade and have laid down on the couch in the living room.
The sun is shining bright, and the air is cool and fresh. A very nice morning this has been.
Not sure what I will do today. I will probably read some more. Last night I finished reading a book called, 'What we believe but cannot prove'
This was an excellent book. It is a series of essays by many of the worlds most well regarded thinkers. Mostly Scientists and Philosophers. Full of thought provoking Ideas. Several things I had never ever considered or imagined before. But mostly things I had, but with lots of supporting information and ideas I had not.
Now I am reading a book of short stories. Well, it is a huge collection of short stories I have, that when I am in between books I will read.
I am in the middle of a book called "Why we believe What we believe". Which is AWESOME and one of the best books I have read in a while, but I left it at a friend house last week, and haven't had the chance to pick it back up.
So, anyway, I will probably read for a while, lift weights (I lift every other day, today is my day. I don't do too much. I don't want to become bulky. Just strong enough to easily do regular activities that require upper body strength. I lift a 25 lbs weight 30 reps each arm 2x a day. Plus push ups.) Probably go down to my studio. I have yet to have really done any art work in it. I have been to it several times, mostly moving and arranging things.
I guess that is all I can say. Well, there is TONS of stuff I could write about, but in keeping with the theme of this one entry, I think I have covered all my bases. Hit a few home runs. Been around the bases. Gone to first, second, and third base with a few girls, as well as gone all the way around the bases.

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Vincent said...

Yes, I like it. And it reminds me of my own style and the kinds of things that interest me.

And still haven't found the post where Paul Martin made a comment.